A Few New House Rules
– to help make this work for everyone
We are very excited to be allowed to re-open our doors again after so long.
There have been some very helpful guidelines provided by the govenment.
Thank you also to those who managed to respond to our survey.
By following all of the above I hope we will be able to offer an environment that feels both safe and welcoming.
We are very fortunate in having a good amount of space, not only throughout the pub and restaurant, but also in the garden. We have put up covered areas outside to maximise the comfort of these areas.
Requests to help keep everyone safe
In advance please:
  • Book a table in advance – by email, website form or phone message. Even for drinks, if possible.
    Book The Red Lion
    Book The Black BullWe will be carefully limiting numbers to ensure not too many visit at any one time.
  • Follow the government guidance regarding travel, in particular, please stay away for now if you need to be self isolating.
On arrival please:
  • Follow signs guiding best direction of travel in and around the pub.
  • Check in on arrival so that we can find you a table that suits you, inside or out.Our tables will be well spaced out anyway and we will be spreading guests as far from eachother as possible. Our staff will be getting some good exercise!We will be keeping doors and windows as open as possible, subject to adverse weather, to maximise ventilation. Come prepared for a fresh experience!
  • Order from the table, not the bar. We will be attending all tables as frequently and as best we can.
  • Make use of our handwashing facilities and various sanitiser points around the pub and garden.
  • Be respectful of distance from others. If we all assume that others have a futher social distance preference than ourselves we should be on the right track.
  • Keep movements and contact to a minimum. There will be a few squeeze points that need to be kept as free as possible.
Some housekeeping points:
  • We have upped our cleaning regime as required, in particular, the washrooms, frequent touch points and the tables, menus etc between guests.
  • For your information, we will not be wearing gloves or masks. The guideance is quite clear about discouraging such use of PPE outside a clinical setting. It is the social distancing and hygiene that is key.
With a little common sense and mutual respect there is no reason why we should not all enjoy a pretty normal pub experience again.
We are looking forward to seeing you!
Best wishes from us all